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Purpose and reason for LTT

I remember going off to play college football for the University of Minnesota after being homeless and living in nearly 30 different locations. I stepped from the Greyhound bus after arriving to my new city and declared, “No one would ever know my story”. Five years later, I was telling my story to nearly every major news outlet in the state of Minnesota.

The most profound encounter that I experienced after telling my story for the 1st time was having a gentleman walk up to me–out of the blue–on the streets, giving me a hug, and telling me “Thank you” for telling and sharing my story. Recently, a student informed me that she tried committing suicide days before hearing my story. My story gave her a reason to continue on. Wow! What a blessing!

The purpose of this project is to let everyone know that we all have a story and a journey that we have traveled in life. Along that journey, we have learned valuable lessons. Some of our most important lessons are often learned during our most difficult times. When we take the time to reflect on and identify those lessons learned, it gives us a significant sense of accomplishment and prepares us to become more resilient in the inevitable difficulties that we will face in the future. Yes, those stories and lessons surely helped us, but what if I told you those same two elements can be used to help and empower others who may currently be going through the same or similar challenges from your past? Your story and the lessons learned provides hope for others who may not know where to turn in the midst of their adversities, transitions and obstacles. You and your story could provide them with the strength to take another step, breathe another breath, dream again,

In turn, all I ask of you is to become familiar with my story and the lessons I learned, tell your story and the lessons you learned, then encourage others to do the same. Our goal is to create a movement of “Telling It Forward!” It’s just one small step toward bringing hope into our world. Will you join us? If so, download my story and lessons learned, tell your story and one or two lessons you learned during a difficult period in your life, share your story with 3 more people and encourage them to do the same.

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