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Get down!!!! Whatever you do, DO NOT rise up to see what’s going on!! DO NOT try to get the glass off of you now! Cover your head and chest area now! Stay down! If you look up, YOU ARE GOING TO DIE!

Tommy Watson doesn’t blink when I ask for his parents’ names. He just asks me not to print them. The names give me access to their criminal records, and as I leaf through them, I wonder how Tommy Watson made it…”


Dear Younger Tommy,

Welcome to the Mile High City! One of the most beautiful cities in the world! A place of vibrant wildflowers and crystal lakes. Unique natural landscape, hillsides blanketed with aspen leaves, rivers surrounded by cottonwood trees. A place where fluffy snowflakes fall in the crisp morning air. The magnificent and mighty Rocky Mountains with its deep canyons can be seen from the windows of every household in the city.

With all of that being said, Tommy, this will not be your reality growing up in this majestic city. For every beautiful city, there is an ugly under belly. This ugliness will feel like a stain and a curse to you much of your life growing up in its dark poverty.

In fact, the very first year of your life will start off very rocky. Your mother will be arrested not once or twice, but 11 times while your father already sits in a prison cell. Yeah, talk about an unfortunate start to life, Tommy. You will certainly not be born with a silver spoon in your mouth, or even a stable home to have your basic needs met as a baby. Again, it’s unfortunate but it’s the hand that you have been dealt. My words of advice are simple, hang in there and don’t give up!

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